.: Equipment Listing


Alesis HD24 XR Multitrack Recorder
Tascam DR-07 mkII
M-Audio ProFire 2626 Audio Interface
M-Audio Transit USB Interface
Pro Tools and M-Powered Pro Tools
Sony Vegas
Sony Sound Forge
Sony CD Architect
Adobe Photoshop CS



2-Canon HF R10 HD Cameras
Sony PD170 Camera DV Pro
Canon 600D T3i Rebel (Lenses: 18-55mm,75-300mm, 50mm)
Canon SCD27 Mini DV



5-Shure SM57
2-Shure SM58
Rode NT1
Marshall V67
Marshall MXL 990 Stereo Condensor
Electrovoice RE16
2-Sterling Audio ST31 Condensors
2-Audio Technica 2020 Condensors
2-Audio Technica 2021 Condensors
1-Digital Reference (Audio Technica) DR-DRM44 4 Piece Drum Pak (1 kick, 3 snare or tom mics)
2-Benson PC11 Pencil Condensors
2-CAD CM217 Condensors
2-Behringer ECM800 Omnidirectional Condensors
4-Optimus 33-3017 Pencil Condensors
3-Optimus 33-3002 Dynamic Mics


KRK Rokit RP-5
Alesis Monitor One MKII's
Event 20/20
Fostex PH5 Heaphone Amplifier


Soundcraft LX7II 24 Channel Console
Soundcraft EPM 8
Alesis Studio 32 16 Channel Recording Console

Outboard Equipment:

Focusrite Mix Master Platinum
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter
Aphex 104 Aural Exciter
2-Trident 80 Series Channel Strips
2-Tangent 3216 Channel Strips
Yamaha Rev 100
Behringer ADA8000 8 Channel Mic Preamp
ETA Power Conditioner
Furman Power Conditioner

Additional Equipment:

24 Channel 1X2 Splitter System (Custom Built)
24 Channels of ART 1X2 Splitter System
24 Channel 100' Snake
8 Channel 50' Subsnake
3-8 Channel 20' XLR Snakes (for connecting splitters to FOH)
Various 8 Channel 1/4"-1/4"
15 On Stage Boom Stands
2 Atlas Straight Stands
2 Low Profile Desktop Stands
3 Passive Direct Boxes







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