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Mission Health Communities is keeping the summer busy here, we are just starting the edit of a multi-camera shoot done in Columbus, WI. The shoot documented part of the Senior Team's Culture Tour and will be made into a video that the company can use for recruitment purposes. The shoot employed five cameras, two field audio recorders and will see the team switch from its long term video editor, Sony Vegas to Adobe Premiere. The switch comes due to the increasing multi-camera work and its ability to handle the work flow more efficiently and also the integration of the entire Adobe Suite, very powerful tools and we are glad to be heading in this direction! TNT Productions also recently visited Kansas City Missouri for Mission Health's 2017 Annual Leadership and Vendor Conference. Many of the forward team arrived a full day before the event began to setup the many parts of this year's gathering and begin run throughs with the audio and video components of the general assembly. Communicators Group was instrumental in producing the event and so much of the audio and video content of each portion of the conference and we were grateful to be working together again!

The theme of this year's event was "Late Night with Mission Health" which transformed the general assembly into a late night talk show, complete with guests, music and commercial breaks that were filmed by each region of Mission Health's organization. We even had a "Carpool Karoke" contest on the first night with full costume and some amazing singing and dancing!

The night of day two saw the group attend their Awards Banquet at the wonderful Kemper Museum. Again, TNT Productions, joined again by Bob Nary and Communicators Group took control of the audio and video portion of the evening and people enjoyed themselves in a great venue. We also managed to have a vendor conference, conduct video interviews with several Community Ambassadors and host tracks for the spouses in attendance and for the owners. At the end of it all, the event was a great success in production, team building and education!!

The Florida band Fat Tractor is now entering the final phases of recording its first full length original CD and TNT Productions is manning the board. The disc sees a mixture of musicians appearing on the album as it has been recorded in various locations at different times but the tunes still sound fresh and exciting. The veteran group has road tested these songs and always get great responses when they play them live. We will keep you posted on when the CD is out, in the meantime, try to catch them live as they play almost each weekend be sure to bug them for any advanced copies!!




























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